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Katherine Taylor is an oil painter whose signature style employs the dramatic lighting and luminous glazing of the Old Masters. Taylor spent time studying art and architecture in Italy and came away very influenced by the Baroque preference for chiaroscuro (strong contrast of lights and darks), which is partly why her paintings are often imbued with a contemporary gothic ambiance. Taylor's work has been described as 'soulful' and 'luminous.'Although trained in classical painting methods early in her career, Taylor likes to venture beyond that when it comes to style. She paints with a variety of impressionistic painting techniques and applications. After her many years of smearing pigment on canvas, she reflects that it's still 'all about the paint.' Taylor's style today reflects new explorations in painterly marks with tools beyond just brush and knife, in her desire to let the paint itself remain as beautiful as the subject.
Art depicting the erotic and the esoteric, particularly in the Orientalist tradition prior to the turn of the 19th century, has deeply informed Taylor's artwork, especially with her figures. However, there is no subject matter beyond her scope of interest, whether it be the face, the landscape, an urban setting, fabric, flowers, metal, even bleached bones. It is all worthy of paint, just so she can experience the fun and challenge of creating a beautiful surface that delights the eye and feeds the spirit.Taylor notes: "I love painting all genres, but capturing the figure on canvas in a meaningful yet skillful way is my greatest challenge. I am especially interested in painting people as both strong and beautiful. I look for models who exude a soulful aspect, some part of them that is mythic, heroic, compassionate, and uplifting.In fact, these are the qualities I attempt to tease out from every form I paint, whether a still [...]

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