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After retiring from the Navy at Port Hueneme, CA, I started  my artistic endeavors in 2007 when I moved from California to Oregon.  My interest in the maritime environment comes from growing up on the coast of southern California.   I have been boating for many years---owning a  Cal-2-27, and Catalina 36 sail boats.   
Education:  My education in the Fine Arts is quite different from the preparation for my Navy work.   I learned the basics of painting from workshops and classes in the Portland Metro area.  Some of those who have mentored me include Royce Kugler, Eric Jacobsen, Steve Kleier, Terry Isaac, Roberta St. Louis, Sarah Sedwick, and Eileen Kane.    I paint in oils, acrylics, and watercolor media.   I choose the media dependent on the subject matter.   
Maritime Subjects:    I do many of my paintings as part of a series, such as my “Rainbow Warrior Ship” collection, which is environmental in nature   This series is about the kelp beds off the coast of California, and the kelp harvest for commercial use.  The painting “Oil Refinery Ship, Booms and Seals”  is from this latter series.   For my ocean landscapes, I have observed wave patterns with associated weather during many of my off shore sailing adventures.   To elicit emotion of how scary the high waves are requires imagination since the camera flattens the sea due to depth of field. This phenomena makes the waves appear half their size in photos taken from a sail boat.  See my painting “Gale Force 8 Waves” from Channel Islands, CA”   Painting landscapes underwater is my current interest.  There are special effects of the underwater environment I have encountered.  There is a change of color with ocean depth---objects red in color at 5 feet are brownish in color [...]

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