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Why I paint?  If I could explain in words how I respond to something beautiful I would use pen and paper. Instead I choose to express these feelings with brush and canvas.  Each painting is a study in problem solving, to find beauty in ordinary objects or how light falls over a landscape. The challenge is to push the paint as far as possible, playing with the light and dark and abstract shapes while at the same time working to capture the essence with sensitivity and delicateness.  It is more about self exploration than self expression. It’s about the struggle to capture something illusive, a moment in time.  One never masters the art of painting.             “Art is the creation of the mind that transforms reality.”
What inspires me? I have always been inspired by the drawings of Michelangelo and DaVinci and the paintings of the old masters Rembrandt and Botticelli and heavily influenced by modern painters such as Sargent, Richard Schmidt, David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. Their brush work has fascinated me; how they manipulate thick and thin paint and their use of light, colour and values.Still Life.  I love treasures from the past, antiques, fine linens, porcelain, silver and gardens of flowers. All these are objects that can be used in still life painting.  Occasionally I borrow a beautiful teacup or a vase from a friend that has a particular story such as the coffee set that belonged to a friend’s grandmother, who had smuggled them across the East German border piece by piece in her pocket. I have painted my grandmother’s coffee cups as they invoke fond memories of her. She had brought them with her to Canada as a young girl, leaving a war torn country for a new life. Last year I painted a peony in an old crock with a Chinese design which belonged [...]

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