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Kate Wood
Deep in the forest, hiking mountains or the open tundra and loving the sound of silence supplies inspiration for my watercolors.  Growing up in rural Massachusetts and Maine one visit to Alaska some 30 years ago as so many I was hooked.
My first memory of painting with watercolor is sitting at the kitchen table, my feet not touching the floor with paint brush in hand.  My legs grew and my interested never faded. Over the years I was supported by my Mom and fantastic art teachers, with that grounding, went on to attend the Museum School of Fine Arts, Massachusetts College of Art and New England School of Art in Boston.
In the 60’s when women were supposed to be teachers or nurse’s, the Vietnam War was in full swing, and protests were everywhere about everything, I entered the world of art. Over the years I have worked in multiple mediums: oil, gouache, glass, and fabric, and printmaking but I have always returned to watercolor.  With watercolors I am able to catch a mood, feeling or the moment.  The medium remains the main stay of my creative work.
My other passion is animals, particularly dogs, especially three Scottish Terriers and one Sealyham Terrier. I continue to explore my passion for watercolor, nature and the individual essence of the animals I love.
My watercolors have been in exhibits in Massachusetts, Maine, North Pole and galleries in Fairbanks, Alaska.
I reside north of Fairbanks in Goldstream Valley and work out of my Mid-Day Moon Studio.
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