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  • I strive to find the good in everything.

  • Price Range: $45.00 - $750.00
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The Artist Says:

Small acts can bring about great results.  Striving each day to consistently work at art has given me much to pursue as I try to perfect my craft.
I show up, do the work, wake up the next day and try again.  I have learned to keep trying and leave the judging to someone else. 
To me, art is a reflection on relationships between us and our world, I find myself  trying to  dig a little deeper to find exactly what I wish to say through my work along with how I will convey what I feel.  When it works perfectly it is a deep feeling of "just knowing" it was right.  And as time passes it holds that same joy as it did originally.  It's like it was meant to exist.  Spontaneous, enduring and timeless.

Other Artists Say:

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.
Van Go


I come from a background in art and design through past generations who engaged in similar pursuits. I feel as though I have been the recipient of the perfect funneling of skills to help me as I go through life. Even within my immediate family there are an arrangement of builders, designers and artists.
The skills I have learned have been a natural part of everyday life such that when opportunities presented themselves, I was prepared to dive in and take them. For many years I have worked in the interior design field. It afforded much satisfaction as I helped clients create environments in which to best enjoy family life.
I created many designs that had a lasting feel.
I am self taught and really did start with the basics. Through many hours I have learned to draw, utilize colors in creating a mood, along with mastering the mediums of watercolor and oils. I first learned drawing and watercolor. No one told me watercolor is the hardest medium to master. I guess that was a good thing in that I didn't feel the same intimidation I often see students confront when they learn that news. It was many years before I tried oils. And through another many hours of learning I am finding myself happy with the results.
That is what I now try to convey in my artwork. I strive to use my intuition and convey the feelings I have as I paint. Each piece is unique. Once in a while I have tried to re-create a loved piece. It has not been successful.
One aspect of my work I have particularly been thankful for has been the opportunity to study with some of America's best artists [...]

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