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Kate has been painting for over 25 years, using oil on canvas to create her distinctive seascapes. Her works are created in series always linked to her original 'Sea Senses' series yet always progressing, through colour and form seeking new ways to capture an elusive element.  each series informs the next, creating  momentary diversions and differing aspects.   Inspiration for her work comes from the dramatic North East coastline, the west coast of Scotland and the Cornish Coastline.     -   ( The Greenstage Gallery.)'In the best of marine painting the sea is not the subject: it is a screen on which the deepest feelings and emotions of the artist are projected.   Turner knew this, and so does the Northumberland painter Kate Van Suddese..... Kate through the power of personal experience, has turned it into an emotional catalyst: "A place where we may find a better understanding of ourselves"     - Anne Ellis (Uptown Magazine)Artist StatementI have been influenced throughout my painting career to a great extent by the wonderful drama and light in Turner's work and the iridescent beauty captured by the Pre-Raphaelites.  In all, my interest is in beauty, light and otherworldliness, where the mundane becomes extraordinary and the familiar becomes surreal . I have been working on seascapes for a number of years and they remain an ever fascinating subject for me.  The sea is a wonderful catalyst for every emotion experienced and stores a wealth of history, whimsy and Drama in its folds.  I constantly strive to capture this mystical sense between the sea, land and observer.  Beauty, light, power and drama is everything, to transform the ordinary into something magical and extraordinary is all.
Someone  asked me recently WHY I painted i can only say "because I must".
I tried to pin point various aims etc and realised that these change with my moods and are so varied that I [...]

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