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Artist's Statement “I love colour – I surround myself with bright and strong colour because it gives me a feeling of energy and optimism. This energy reminds me of nature; so many of my works incorporate organic lines and spaces. I work to infuse my paintings with the same level of energy that I live my life. I work in acrylics so that I can more easily manipulate the surface and layers of paint, building colours and patterns, overlapping complementary and bold colours. My compositions are based on nature but are reduced to the aesthetic form. Recently I have started to incorporate other elements such as metallic paint and gold beads.”


Kate Taylor is an abstract artist born in Cambridge, England, and now works out of her studio in Toronto, Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western University where she was taught painting by the internationally-renowned artist, Paterson Ewen.
“My work is about joy. Capturing the joy you feel when you are present in nature and present in the act of creating. Humanity is connected to nature; our place within it and the energy we derive from this relationship. As the world around us becomes more and more fraught with stress and uncertainty, there is an even deeper need to connect with the earth and consciously integrate joy in our lives. My work explores the unique forms and colours of nature and how they are an integral part of our lives – bringing contentment and grounding. My newest series, Unity, is a continuation of our connection to the earth and represents the bringing together of people, ideas and culture; reminding us that we are all responsible for the stewardship of the earth.
My process is similar to the early Canadian Automatists – using heavy texture and only a palette knife, I strive to capture the energy of the world around me. I don’t think about the final results – rather I prefer to choose my colour palette and then immerse myself in the act of creating – intuitively finding my way to a final product. That said, I carefully place my initial ‘petals’ to create the composition if am looking for.  I realize that I like the element of chance and risk while working – I don’t always know what the final result will be or how the woodgrain might manifest. Mixing my colours on the knife, I don’t have full control over how the colours will mix in a single [...]

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