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Escape! Freedom! Adventure! That’s what the West meant to Kate Klingensmith’s eight year old psyche stuck on the East coast. A calendar picture of a family skiing in the Rockies, TV westerns and reading books about the pioneers in grade school began it all. The West has been her muse ever since. Born in Boston to a military family that moved frequently, she finally saw the West in 1974 when she moved to Flagstaff AZ for a year at Northern Arizona University.
Kate’s love for the West is matched only by her love for art. Kate’s first exposure to art was at six months old when she accompanied her mother and grandmother to oil painting classes, somehow sleeping through cigarette smoke and turpentine. Her insistence on the right color began at age six, when she was asked to select the color of her bedroom. It had to be a very light pink tint with a touch of lavender. Through all the moves Kate’s mother always found work at art supply stores and she would gift Kate with art supplies. Aside from her mom’s assistance and Walter Foster books, she had no art instruction during the secondary school years. Each year of high school was in a different state.
In 1979 Kate graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA, which was a five year program at the time, with a solid foundation in traditional drawing, painting and design. The very first semester Kate saw a show of Impressionist work from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg Russia. “For the first time ever I saw actual works by Renoir, Manet and Monet, and I marveled at how colors close up would read in the distance".  It was information that lay dormant until she began painting in oils years later. 
Due to poor health Kate moved [...]

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