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Even though we have lived in Durham, NC now for about 40 years I will never forget my unique experiences growing up in Northern Ohio. I was outdoors most of the time playing in the barns and cornfields surrounding my home and swimming at a spring fed abandoned stone quarry surrounded with people who came to swim and to dance to the big bands  in the recreation complex my father developed around the quarry called Centennial Terrace in Sylvania ,Ohio. It was like my extended family and I think that is why to this day people are the subject I most love to draw and paint....and why I love being outside painting as well! I attended Bowling Green State University where I earned a BFA with a certificate to teach. Most of what was being taught then was Abstract Expressionism and except for life drawing there was no classical training at most universities. I married my high school sweet heart, helped to grow our family business and raise two daughters .....all the while I kept on drawing.
In 1994 I took a painting class at the Durham Arts Council and that was the beginning of my journey back into art but this time from a realistic perspective. From that time on I have taken many workshops with well known teachers and poured over art books learning what I had missed all those years in portrait and figurative art. You might say that I got a very late start...And I DID... but I don't look back! There is no point. I enjoy working in oil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and love all of it !
I often feel when I am painting or drawing a sense of union with the Creator of all things...whether it is figurative, portrait, landscape, or still life. He has given [...]

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