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"Pastels and I go way back. Pastel is the first painting medium I was introduced to, I was hooked straight away. This addiction with pastel is still going on thirty years later.
My name is Karol Oakley I love painting with pastel and sharing what I have learnt along my 'Pastel Path'. When I first started, I wanted to paint things to look real. I still do. But along the way my style changed, as it should, with learning, experimenting and practice. Now I paint in a more 'expressive' and looser style.  I couldn't have done that without the foundation painting skills I was taught at the beginning.
This love of pastels has taken me to so many locations across the world  and I have met some of the best people on the planet.
 Major pastel paintings have won numerous awards over the years. The best was Pastellist of the Year with the Pastel Society of Australia. Pastel works have been exhibited with the International Association of Pastel Artists (IAPS) in the USA. They have found homes across the globe within public and private collections. I hold, with pride, the status of Master Pastellist with in the Pastel Society of Australia and have done for over 24 years.
Teaching pastel painting is a privilege that I enjoy so much. To be able to share what I do and how pastel painting is done with aspiring artists just has to be the best feeling. Mind you I was coerced into teaching at first. I had to pull on my experience as a student to be able to teach what is needed and to answer the questions. I still do a question and answer scenario while painting today, as everyday I am still a student of pastel painting.
Learning never stops, it just gets more interesting".
Karol Oakley
Master Pastellist [...]

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