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I was born in Switzerland and lived there for forty years before I moved to America.
I attended the School of Visual Arts (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Bern,
and completed an apprenticeship in Graphic Design with Hans Hartmann in Koeniz, Switzerland.
My Education was very much influenced by European and Swiss Design.
Out of my studio, I worked for publishing, book illustration, advertising, corporate identity, posters, trade- and museum exhibitions, murals and postage stamps.
Later, I started working in the field of architecture.
Paintings, drawings, and lithographs are in private and public collections.
I had numerous exhibitions in Switzerland, Westchester, New York, and Fairfield, Connecticut.
While living in Switzerland, I often visited the Emmental. The soft, hilly landscape and the old farmhouses attracted and deeply inspired me for my drawings and paintings. Here in New York, I am equally drawn to the mysterious cityscape, and the often very quiet streets late at night. Yes, the city or many parts of it do sleep! Sometimes the rumbling of a sanitation truck may briefly disturb its slumber, before it falls back into a deep state of silence again. The lights are dim, and the height of the buildings can only be sensed. Often they seem to disappear into the sky. Sitting there, I become one with my surroundings. 
Drawing and painting in this environment is a wonderful experience.
It is a pleasure for me to be able to share my work with other people. I also hope that you may connect with my art in your own unique and personal way.


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