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When I was 11 years old my mother took me to the eye doctor for the first time. When I got my new glasses for nearsightedness, I recall leaving the shop and being stunned to realize that trees had individual leaves that I could see!  I’d registered trees as just big shapes before.  What a revelation!  I had the same feeling of revelation when I took up drawing and painting in 2015.  Suddenly I was truly seeing things as never before – colors, shapes, shadows, lines, values. This gift of deeply seeing and appreciating really contributes to my sense that painting is a spiritual practice for me.  To be able to see, to savor, and then to attempt to put it on paper ( even with the WabiSabi factor) is a blessing in my life.I grew up in New Orleans – a place filled with beauty, color and amazing sights and sounds.  I carry the South in my heart though I’ve lived in Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, and now Portland, Oregon.  The seasons of the Northwest are so beautiful and my daily walks are a constant source of inspiration.The natural world is my refuge and inspiration.  Painting is a spiritual practice for me.  Learning to truly see the wonders of the world around me and put them to paper is a blessing in my life. I have no formal art education, but began painting in watercolor and pastel in 2015.  I’m lucky to live in the Northwest where I have had the privilege of studying with generous and inspiring artists, including:
Brenda BoylanMolly Hashimoto Amanda HoustonBarbara JaenickeGretha LinwoodRichard McKinleySusan Ogilvie
Nancie King Mertz
This poem by Mary Oliver speaks to me and for me:
MINDFULEvery day  I see or hear     something      that more or lesskills me  with delight,     that leaves me       like a [...]

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