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Every painting is a journey.  It begins with a blank canvas and making marks, then evolves by allowing what’s now on the canvas to suggest what should come next.  There is no checklist, no map.  Relying on a process can suggest a path, but to where?  The path may be direct, or it may meander through circuitous routes and dead ends.  But there is always much to learn in taking the steps, and the destination is always a surprise.
Working intuitively is so critical to how I paint that planning is detrimental rather than helpful.  Over-planning leads to results that feel stiff or contrived.  The process is important, but it is a guide, not a master.  If the painting needs a change of direction, there must be the opportunity to recognize it and respond.  Experimentation, risk-taking, making mistakes and continuous learning are all essential for the painting to reach its full potential.  There will be some unsuccessful paintings with this approach, but the ones that do succeed are worth those disappointments.
I began painting more than 30 years ago.  I can only guess how many paintings I have created.  Yet my passion for working with paint has never been stronger.  Without question it is the experimental and adventurous approach to my work that has kept that flame burning.  
Karen Scharer


Karen Scharer’s work reflects decades of art study with a wide range of artists, informed by diverse experiences from travel, a degree in natural resource management, and a 17-year career in technology.  During her more than 30-year successful painting practice, Scharer’s work has transitioned from realism to abstraction, and from watercolor to acrylic to oil, a medium which has now completely captured her focus and passion. 
Scharer’s large, colorful abstract paintings have been featured in dozens of solo and group shows across the U.S.  Her work has been honored with many awards, accepted into numerous juried exhibitions, and is included in hundreds of public, private, and corporate collections.  Notable collections include the Ponzio Visual Arts Center, Colorado Academy, Denver, CO; Ritz-Carlton Resorts, Beaver Creek, CO; BMW Corporation, Plano, TX; Dominion Oil, Oklahoma City, OK, and many others.
Karen Scharer is based in Pueblo West, CO where her home and studio sit beneath dramatic skies just minutes from the beautiful Arkansas River, and a short drive from some of Colorado’s most spectacular mountain peaks.  The stunning and varied Colorado landscape is a constant source of inspiration for her intuitive painting approach.
Plein air painting in the wetlands just a few steps from the Little Thompson River.

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