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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.karenschaffel.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $50.00 - $3,750.00
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I create multi-layered mixed media artwork on square wooden boards. My work is rooted in landscape but breaks with the traditional landscape paintings of the Hudson Valley where I live. Each art piece explores a moment when one may pause to notice the shift in the hue of the sky or the moving pattern on the forest floor. Breaking from standard landscape painting, I use unconventional perspective, abstracted forms, or unusual found elements to capture these scenes. Collage materials: sequins, ribbon, or a repurposed lace tablecloth, further evoke the identity of a culture, time, and place. The everyday materials evoke emotions rooted in iconic cultural concepts or personal memory. An element of surprise also results from applying common but irregular elements into my art. This is a byproduct of my private reflective nature infusing itself into the finished piece. Each work hovers between representation and abstraction, pulled one way or the other by the varying textures of the materials and explorative nature of my process. This curiosity and play bring in new materials and sometimes invented techniques, continually expanding my repertoire and maintaining the element of play into my process. Within these studio sessions, I am constantly reconciling and melding, through layers exposing the essential balance I covet. The final piece is both impactful from a distance and draws additional interest as a viewer moves closer and the textures and elements are revealed.

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