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  • Price Range: $50.00 - $5,000.00
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Karen Pickels was born in Houston, Texas, learning to draw at an early age and fortuitously given the chance to take lessons from resident artists at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Learning to render human beings, especially the face, at an early age fascinated her then and remains a passion today. As she matured as an artist she was drawn to interpreting her subject matter with an almost whimsical touch, selecting her color palettes for their emotional impact.
In 1970, Karen moved with her family to Austin, Texas and continued learning more about various media - oils, acrylic, screen-printing, and clay. For a time, she was drawn to producing murals. Karen began college as a fashion design major at the University of Texas, but soon changed to Business not so much by desire but for its more practical economic potential. 
After college, Karen moved back to the Houston area where married life, a lovely child, and various career pursuits in the information technology world absorbed her focus and time. The need to express herself artistically was allowed to emerge by adopting pastels as her medium. Portable, allowing her to easily start a piece, pastels became Karen's medium-of-choice. Dabbling in acrylic on occasion, Karen still focuses on pastel, enjoying the almost immediate gratification derived from pastel sticks. 
Shows and Awards
2021 Central Texas Pastel Member Show - First Place for The Sisters
2020 Central Texas Pastel Member Show - First Place for Antiquing in Georgetown (Judged by Liz Haywood-Sullivan)
2018 Pastel Society of Southeast Texas Member Show - Award for Excellence - "Building" Category for Janet's Homestead

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