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Why I Paint:
I paint because I am haunted by the essence of a moment - something linked to the past that I can't capture in a photo, or even put my own finger on - it's just in my gut.  Time passes so quickly and I'm burdened with a sense that I need to stop it for a second, and capture it to be remembered.  (I can't believe I actually just wrote those sentences.)  I have no profound message to send the viewer, just a longing in my heart to document and understand this beautiful island, and its people, that God has blessed me with as my home.
I Grew up in rural Ohio, always drawing, painting, (or generally goofing off) - and admiring the oil paintings on our walls by my grandfather - J. William Long.  When time came for my formal education, a major in art was not in the cards, probably for the best, as my father was a very practical engineer, and my mother a math major.   I graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University in 1985, with an emphasis on Graphic Design.   (I think Dad approved of the major because it had the word "industrial" in it.)  After school I worked for 2 years in the art and design industry in New York City - a wonderful experience.  Due to a strange array of unusual choices and events, I moved to Kauai in 1987, met the man of my dreams, and have lived happily on Kauai ever since.  I have truly become a "local" with my feet and soul deeply rooted into this beloved aina.  My time is divided between plein air and studio painting, our company - Olson Homes, a  custom home design/build firm, my wonderful family and friends, my [...]

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