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I have always loved art. I  have a BA in Fine Art from California State University, Sacramento.  After college I did various 'art related' positions  in advertising, marketing and graphic design. For 14 years I ran a very consuming non-art related retail business and sold it in 1998 which is when I started seriously learning watercolor.
I find watercolor really exciting and love the use of vibrant color.  What excites me is to see a painting take on a life of its own as I paint.   Energy  channels into the subject matter and brings it to life. 
The greatest affirmation of a painting is when the  viewer emotes a reaction to an image, from a smile, expressing joy or sometimes even tears. It is their experience in relation to the image.
 I love experiencing a new place or seeing something familiar in a fresh new perspective. Often the inspiration for a painting comes in a split second and is an intuitive 'hit' where I know I want to paint it.  Capturing the essence of a vision into a painting is the motivation for me.  It is a way to express the way I see something manifested.

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