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Karen G. Myers
Born in Colorado, horses were my singular passion as far back as I can remember.  I was either barrel racing in rodeos, or riding for hours on my own through the mountains of Colorado. 
My art career began with costume design. Later, when living in Alaska, I started a graphic design business. After moving back to Denver, I began painting full time. Horses, bison, and the flora and fauna of the west, are an intrinsic part of my nature. Painting the west is my way of capturing and sharing my enthusiasm and imagination with others. The value of painting from life is a gift of depth and vision. What I have lived, viewed, and experienced, becomes crystallized and forever etched in my psyche.
The subject matter dictates and guides me as an artist. I am a realist, but my paintings range from contemporary realism to the abstract. Each painting evolves though the interaction of the subject matter and my materials.  I am fascinated with light, and the effect it has on the mood of a painting.  With light, whether it be through shadows, weather, or subtle color change, gives parameters to the work.  Each color and brush stroke I put down leads to the next.  I often paint many layers, letting each dry in between. I am guided by the textures that arise; the interplay of colors laid on top of each other. I strive on the micro level for random shapes that take on a life of their own without actually losing the original subject matter.  Success for me is to create a work of art that from a distance allows the viewer to easily recognized the subject matter. Then, when viewed at close range, the subject dissolves into interactive textures, colors and shapes. 

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