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Karen Murphy is a contemporary landscape painter who was born in Boston, MA and grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts. She now resides in Riverside, Rhode Island where she lives and works. For Karen, creating art has been a passion for as long as she can remember, and she spent most of her teenage years learning the classical methods of drawing and painting.

Karen did not go to art school but instead spent over twenty years in the corporate world and studied under artists that she admired. She was active in her local art guild, worked on commissions, and enjoyed plein air painting as much as she could. In 2013 she moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, and left the corporate world in 2015 to focus on her art.

Over the course of her career Karen has painted in numerous styles and has had many influences including realism, impressionism, and tonalism. Since moving to Rhode Island her work has mainly focused on coastal scenes and painting in a tonal style. She is particularly captivated by the salt marshes and estuaries, the amazing quality of light they have, but also their unique and complex ecosystems. “In my work”, she says, “I want to convey a relaxed sense of calmness and remind people that peace and mindfulness still exist in this world. I use muted colors and soft contours to evoke a quiet contemplative mood. For me, the point is not to create an exact rendering of a location. I no longer paint outside to copy a scene – instead I walk through nature as a quiet observer – seeking to understand nature’s poetry. I bring my memories and feelings back to the studio and start painting. Most of my work is created this way, in the studio, from imagination. My goal is [...]

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