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For the past 30 years I have been making  music. I was a preschool music teacher, children's choir director, children's ministry radio host, writer, performer, producer of children's and adult music. Now I spend my days creating in a different way.  The first day  I held a paint bush in my hand my eyes saw the world differently! Inspiration was all around me! Everywhere I looked I saw the wonder of God's creation. The colors and textures of life. As I began my artistic journey, I very quickly found joy in the process.  I escaped to a special place learning, growing. relaxing, and dreaming.  Sometimes I surprised myself with my creations  but most times the paintings ended up in the trash. I learned like a child learns, diving in with no fear.  Splashing unexpected colors on the paper with sheer abandonment. After fifteen years painting, I  have started showing and selling my works.  I am a member of the Smith Island Art League on Bald Head Island and my work has been sold  in galleries.  There is a lesson to be learned from this and it is true for all of us. Nike had it right.Just Do it!!  The instrument that opens your eyes might not be a paint brush, but don't be afraid ....dive in. Just Do it!!

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