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When I see something I find beautiful I am struck by an urge to represent that beauty by painting it. I am a lifelong award winning oil painter and have experienced these feelings since early childhood. Also an unusual idea, a thought or concept that I find interesting can stimulate the impulse to paint. Images that emerge from dreams, from people I encounter or a myriad of other sources will catch my fancy and provide me with inspiration, especially for the works of magic realism I create.  Some of my paintings are quite mysterious. Besides imaginal images, my paintings can include human and animal portraiture, impressionistic landscapes, and almost photo-realistic depictions. As an equestrian, I dearly enjoy painting horses too. My vivid paintings usually feature qualities of brightness and interesting light effects. I have often been called a colorist. I completely engage myself in representing a subject authentically and I find the application of skillful techniques engrossing and challenging. People ask me how I have such patience for detail, but when I am absorbed in my work, I forget about time and space and I find it hard to put down my brush.


I was born in Chicago in 1948 and currently live in Oregon Wisconsin. I am a lifelong artist and was considered a child prodigy in the Chicago area winning competitions and selling paintings before the age of 13 and I was consistently enrolled in private art lessons throughout my early school years. One of my early works is on permanent display at the Boy Scout Hall of Fame in Pennsylvania. Another was a painting interpreting the story of  ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’ which was commissioned as a gift to Paul Tillich, the famous theologian. 
Besides the private tutoring I received as a child, I studied art [...]

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