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I retired in 2017 after 25 years in the financial world and another 5 years as a real estate agent.  Since retirement, my goal has been to learn how to paint and also to improve on my pottery skills.  I have a home studio in Pineville Louisiana as well as a painting studio at River Oaks Art Center in Alexandria.
For years, photography was my outlet for art expression.  I have many beloved photos of fishing trips on beautiful Louisiana lakes.  There are many more photos from trips around the United States showing the diversity of landscapes, buildings and animals.  It is these photos that I now use to develop my pottery ideas and my acrylic, oil and mixed media paintings.
Most of my pottery is hand built, then embellished with handmade stamps, sprigs and/or carvings.  Any wheel thrown pieces are altered and/ or carved.   I enjoy creating pieces that are functional but with an artful originality.  I fire the pieces in my electric kiln to 2165 degrees Fahrenheit.
I initially started as a self-taught painter, beginning just a few years ago.   The availability of online classes and in person workshops have helped me progress in every aspect of my painting journey.   Dramatic contrast, vivid color and the spontaneity of brush strokes are all major players in my paintings.

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