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Karen grew up in Southern CA near its beautiful beaches. Simply walking on sand, smelling salt air, hearing water currents ebb and flow, and soaking up sunshine caused her to dream of painting those breath-taking seascapes, but that seemed very out of reach.
Falconer says “I previously dabbled in watercolor with frustrating results and didn’t think art would ever have place in my life. It wasn’t until after a family crisis, in 2013, I began considering art as healing therapy for myself and others. Fear kept me living in comparison with others. Lies I believed about myself held me hostage concerning the arts. However, I was too paralyzed to begin exploring my creative self. I thought others could paint, but it would be a futile, selfish exercise for me.”
After relocating to Redding, CA, in 2013, she was influenced by Teresa Dedmon, artist, founder and leader of “Create Academy,” Karen began to embrace her whole new identity. This was her precursor to picking up a paint brush again.
For the first time, in 2015, she desired to paint with acrylics and oils. And began studying painting and figure drawing under Susan Schimke and Andrew Patterson at Shasta College, in Redding. Falconer also studied sketching and watercolors at Ozark Tech, MO; and Ventura College. She was influenced and taught by other well-known artists: Irby Brown, Gary Thomas (of Disney Studios), Ken Petranek, Vicki McCafferty, and Mel Jackson.
For Karen, there’s always a convergence of abstract meeting realism, flowing together, with liberal use of vibrant colors and interesting textures. She daily pushes herself to learn and grow.
“I’m constantly studying and practicing what evokes passion for me, and has worked for other successful artists. Every one of my paintings carries a specific frequency to what is being portrayed on the canvas. My desire is to capture the beauty [...]

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