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Over the past 20 years of working in clay, I have grown to realize the importance of each piece being well-crafted.  That, as a functional potter, became my primary focus for years.  Along the way, I discoverd that the inspiration for my finished work came from the earth- it's processes, textures and color.
Look at canyon walls, swiftly moving waters, landscapes, the horizon at sunrise and dusk, geyser pools - the list never ends and is never boring.  In fact, it is miraculous.
Earth has also gifted us with a fabulous pallet of color from which to work.  Everyone has marveled at the scarlet, purple and orange sunsets, mesmerized by the deep shades of blues in water bodies and even captivated by the whites of clouds.
From these elements, my landscape glazing technique creates a beautifully crafted piece which is finished is such a way to capture the viewers' attention and stimulate a tactile response.
The highest compliment to a functional potter is to use their work everyday.  ENJOY!
2009:  HGTV "That's Clever"
2009: Honorable mention, Photgraphy "The Shrimp"
2009: Two person show with David Hendley at 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, Texas
2007: "Best In American Artists" Book, Pottery and Woodworking, Vol.I.  One of 50 clay artists selected.
2006: "Big Mouth", a sculpture,  Visual Artists Alliance National Juried Competition
2006:  "Asian Jar", a lidded jar, American Juried Artists National Competition

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