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Snippets of Remembrances
      My mother used to fill bottles with colored water to set on windowsills. I was mesmerized with the play of light on those bottles.  Color and light still intrigue me.
     I delighted in the magical tales my grandmother spun and, from her, learned much about nature.  I learned that to really "see" I had to be still; to absorb in my heart and mind what I saw.
     Trips to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Natural History and to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Trips to more zoos and to aquariums and to more museums.  Times spent experiencing the Pacific Northwest and so many more places all fed my fascination with and admiration for animals large and small.
     A toy triceratops, a treat from my Auntie.  I am in my outside hidey-hole searching for dinosaur bones.  My imagination, as usual, running wild.
All of these form the basics of my art, but just the basics.  I believe the dimension and richness of art develops through all that one has experienced in life and all the people one has encountered.  Throughout my life I've had health issues, some of serious concern.  It was my mother who taught me through example how to live and laugh and love.  She taught me to see the bright side; to see the good--even when it's not.  She gave me the ability to live a life of joy.  It is to my mother that I owe so much and it is to her memory that I dedicate my works of whimsy and fantasy;  in thanks for what she instilled in me and for the dreams she dreamed for me.  My mother was Geraldine Joy Anderson and I....I am Mrs. Anderson's child.
Thank you for viewing this site for you are now part of my life experience [...]

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