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Artist Statement
     My paintings represent popular food items that are associated with the era that we live in. The items I paint are selected by their design, color, purpose, history, and perhaps by their popularity in today’s transient culture. The paintings I create are a brief statement of what people are using in their everyday lives. I feel that my works of art tell a story or describe something about the person who collects them. My artwork addresses our taste buds and the pleasure of food. It evokes feelings of comfort, home, or perhaps nostalgia. It might just remind us of the things we enjoy or find aesthetically pleasing.
     I choose most of my subjects from grocery store shelves, social media posts, historical research, childhood memory, and conversations with people. Sometimes I spy a subject in someone else’s grocery cart. The possibilities of finding new subjects are endless. 
     Once my subject selection has been made, I draw it out and contemplate its presentation. I might create a color study painting but frequently I will paint intuitively selecting colors as I go along. I don’t necessarily choose the colors that I see. I love the freedom of discovery. There is a joy to seeing the painting develop spontaneously from my intuition. My oil paintings are done with a combination of brushwork and palette knife which allow me to manipulate the texture of the paint. Using these tools, I create paint contrasts on the subject or in the surrounding area of the subject matter. My paintings speak for themselves at a distance. Up close they grab one’s curiosity with their texture and interaction of colors.
      Today’s world is ever changing. These pieces of art are a way to grab ahold of something meaningful to the person who collects them. They are a personal [...]

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