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Karen Baker Thumm grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan where her family lived on the very edge of town. Karen spent her childhood roaming the surrounding fields, woods and banks of the Huron River where she felt a kinship to the land and her fellow creatures.  She developed a life long love of the natural world and its creatures from these adventures.
The greatest loves of her life have always been horses and art, however.
"I have loved horses and art as far back as I can remember. They have been intertwined themes in my life. I was one of those horse crazy little girls who never outgrew them, and my biggest ambition as a child was to write and illustrate horse stories.  My parents were mildly amused but supportive and supplied me with scrap paper for those early drawings. In addition old canvas window shades were supplied for my first oil paintings."
Karen took riding lessons as a child and bought her first horse with money she had saved at age twelve. She owned her own horse for many years, and together they enjoyed many adventurous trail rides with friends in the northern Michigan woods. 
Karen's formal art education includes a degree from Northwestern Michigan College in graphic design and illustration.  She has supplemented her degree with additional courses in painting, participation in art workshops and self study. Karen has been a working professional artist since 1984.
The artist works in several media including pastel and pencil but her primary medium is oils. Her style is mostly based on traditional realism in which she strives to create a moving work of art, not just a reproduction of a photograph. Early art influences were the great horse illustrators of the 1940's and 1950's Paul Brown, C. W. Anderson and Wesley Dennis. Other influences have been artists [...]

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