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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.karenarmon.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Lives in Colorado

  • Artist, Poet and Author

  • Hiked the Camino in 2013

  • Price Range: $500.00 - $3,200.00


Karen grew up in the Mid-west in an artist community that spilled into her formal and informal education.  Her first introduction to art was through her mother, an amateur artist.  Her mother taught her about form, shadow, color and light.  Karen expressed herself artistically through music, voice, performing arts and painting in elementary and high school.
Karen’s first oil painting was completed at the age of 13 when she received a painting kit for Christmas.  From the moment she picked up her paint brush and mixed her first color, the desire to oil paint burned in her.  Although the passion was faint at times, throughout her professional life she held the conviction that one day, she would paint. 
Educated in business, Karen has had a varied career in large multi-national companies as well as small entrepreneurial firms.  In her late 30s, she launched her own training and consulting firm which she successfully ran for over 25 years and had a world-wide reach. During that time, she was an author, speaker, workshop trainer, and executive coach and expert in personal marketing in an increasingly competitive and complicated world.
But, in 2015, to the surprise of many who knew her professionally, Karen put down her pen and picked up a paintbrush to finally pursue, full-time, that passion that lay dormant all those years ago. 
Southwest Art Magazine, "Women in Art", August 2020 

Selected Awards and Residencies
Featured Artist, R. Gallery Fine Art, August 2020 - July 2021
Finalist, Strange Times, R. Gallery Fine Art, April - July 2020
Finalist, Winter's Beauty Exhibit, R. Gallery Fine Art, December 2019
Finalist, Golden Apple Online Winter 2019 Exhibition, December 2019
Featured Artist, Colorado Mountain Art Gallery, November 2019
Finalist, Golden Apple Online Peace Exhibit, November 2018
Golden Apple Art Residency, Maine, August 2017
Associations and Memberships
Plein Air Artists of Colorado, www.pleinairartistscolorado.com 
Center for the Arts Evergreen, www.evergreenarts.org 
Foothills Art Center, www.foothillsartcenter.org
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