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I started painting in secret, never showing anyone my work or even telling them I painted. I was afraid of saying or even admitting to myself that I wanted to be an artist. I was afraid of the judgement I imagined people would have of me, my work, my credibility, my lack of formal training. Eventually, I shared some of my work with someone I trusted over all others, the person who later became my husband. He convinced me to follow my passion and keep at it.  So I did, however I was still unsure of exactly what my own perspective was. I tried all styles of painting and techniques and I waited until I found one that really resonated...
For a while my art was just a series of investigative creations and trials...and for a while it just stalled...waiting for something...
That "something" turned out to be the birth of my oldest child. I found a new strength within myself, and despite sleep deprivation, I also found new creative energy. I began playing with color and texture and organic techniques  to create pieces that I  simply found beautiful.  For me,  I found that art was about creating art that I would I want on my  own wall, catching my eye as I walked by,  pieces that enhanced a room or created a mood.  I did not strive to make a statement  about the world, I simply reflected the beauty I see all around me. 
Once I had found  this style, my style,  and with some not so gentle nudging by my husband,  I started to share my work with others.  To my suprise, people enjoyed it and I started selling pieces wherever I showed them.  Thus,  I started a journey which challenges me, to this day, to look at my fears, to [...]

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