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Expanding, learning and growing. Isn't life mostly about these upward strivings? Evaluating, planning, working, creating, reaching and repeating the cycle again and again. Finding satisfaction and joy along the way. Isn't this life and worth all the struggle? I think it all makes a beautiful picture.


KaeLynn grew up in the small town of Cleveland, Utah. On the family farm, surrounded by chickens, cows, and horses, she spent her childhood coloring and drawing as much as she could get away with it. The rest of the time, she had to help haul hay, gather eggs, herd cows, brand calves, feed bummer lambs, and move irrigation pipe. One of her many jobs was to strain the raw milk her family sold from a milk cow named Bossy. 
When KaeLynn was around nine years old, she attended an art demonstration at school by a local painter. As she watched the painter and looked at the finished paintings on display, little KaeLynn knew that this was her heart’s desire. After the show, she introduced herself to the artist and lined up weekly oil painting lessons. Her parents always supported her concentrated interest in the subject of art.  
After delving into art through taking many college courses, community classes and various workshops, KaeLynn has settled in on a medium and style of painting that fits her voice and communicates what she wants to say. Her authentic experience and genuine enthusiasm for creating art, imbue her work with clarity and joy. 
“KaeLynn Winn genuinely connects her real life in a rural ranching community with her art in a beautifully unique and stylistic way. She is keenly sensitive to the play of light on objects, animals and people in her environment. She is willing to take on the most daunting subjects such as the “Red Tractor”, with its myriad of precise details. Her attention to detail and her strong contrasting values create a powerful and sculptural quality to her work.”
 ---Susette Gertsch, MFA  www.themidwayartist.com
 “Whether it’s the way the sunlight hits giant sunflower leaves, the rusty metal of an old truck, the rough texture of a cottonwood tree [...]

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