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Justin Gordon is from Groveland, MA, and has been a self-taught sculptor and wood carver since 1974 and professionally since getting laid off from his engineering job in 1991. The lay-off was the boot in the bum Justin needed to start his own sculpting company. Engineering was okay but now Justin does what he’s here to do and do what it is that he does best.

Justin now sculpts in 8 medium: ice, snow for ski areas, clay for ceramics and bronzes, wax for the jewelry industry, stone, foam, wood, and sand. Sand sculpting has taken Justin from Oman and Kuwait to Taiwan, to England, and all over the US and Canada. On occasions Justin has also done giant scale tree carvings up to 23 feet high using chainsaws and chisels for commissions. Now he mostly concentrates on sand sculpting and wood carvings of architectural carved elements, custom clock cases, gun stocks, and figurative sculptures from fine art to caricatures for display or bronzing and he’ll consider any commission request.
He's also an active member of the New England Wood Carvers, the New England Sculptors Association and a participating member of the Newburyport Art Association.
Contact: www.ElwinDesigns.com

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