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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.justinewardle.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $100.00 - $800.00
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I am a painter and sculptor.  I studied at the Canberra School of Art in the mid 80's concentrating on conceptual painting, life drawing, sculpture and leather sculpture.  I currently maintain a full time career in welfare returning to my art practice as time permits all the while reforming and experimenting with ideas and directions.  Recently, I have been experimenting with landscape Plein Air oil painting. Location painting allows the opportunity to sketch living colors, study nature’s patterns and absorb nature’s ambience.  Spending hours immersed in nature is a deeply connective and unfiltered experience, that I endeavor to translate into my work. I live in the beautiful, Lower South Coast of NSW,  Australia called The Sapphire Coast and surrounding Bega Valley hinterlands much of which is pristine providing bountiful subjects to paint.  Recently large areas of our hinterland landscape where destroyed by catastrophic fires the likes Australia has never seen in a country all to familiar with the destructive forces of climate. The landscape is struggling return to its former beauty.  Aboriginal elders have no record of such an extensive fire event and have estimated a workable ecological restoration will take 100 years. I believe it is more important now then ever before for the human hand to record a direct response from nature recording the past and current state of the environment. Depicted above is Little Mumbulla a smaller version of the scared men's mountain next door called Mumbulla mountain. This smaller mountain was painted prior to the fires that ripped through the area.  Note the height of the ancient red gum on the lower right, the mountain above is packed with these ancient giants.  At some point soon I will return to record the changed landscape.   I hope you enjoy my work and please contact me if you are interested [...]

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