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An artist at heart my entire life, the skills that I enjoy were mostly held in private until my recent shift in path.  Having enjoyed a full career in railcar manufacturing, my art was expressed in minuscule ways through Architectural, Mechanical and Industrial Design in the industry I worked within and eventually through the company I established and managed for 20 years. During this period, I continued with art as well as other pursuits to include interior architecture and design in any area that I could express artistry for myself and others. The time spent within a corporate structure for so many years has given me renewed vigor for my artistic identity.
My area of focus is with pastels because I am drawn to their complexity and flexibility in application as well as their longevity through the centuries. My personal creation of works expresses the passion I feel for organic composition and translate it into something beyond realism. Using exaggerated hues and drama of background, I hope to transport the subject past its earthly state of being. To evoke a longing where wonder and excitement through the shadows and colors provide enjoyment for years to come is my wish for each piece.
I look forward to engaging with the creative community as well as those who appreciate it and know the healing and transformative effect that the artistic world can contribute to all our lives. Send me a private message to inquire about any piece of interest.
Also visit: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/june-stolpgarland
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