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I love this from Eleanor Roosevelt:
"The future belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams"



“Eclectic” Water Media best describes this Artist/ Muralist June Musick.
She is proficient in a sundry of mediums and she’s never met a stranger! She leads a creative life and inspires other to do as well. 
 A robust well rounded redhead; born in East Texas and raised in Central Texas and after marriage she lived 22 years in Nevada and currently she and her Husband moved back to Texas to be near their grandchildren. Yeah that includes the parents too!

June Musick’s Family was in the Power Plant Industry and "Real Gypsies" at heart. They traveled the U.S. working 6 months to 18 months at time; the only constant in June Musick’s life was her art. She could always count on it wherever they were. She has been drawing and painting since grade school and her first mural was on the walls in her 8th grade classroom using brown butcher paper. From then on she felt this was what she wanted, to be an “ARTIST.”  Her creative voice was not just an aspiration at that time; it became a hunger in her life.
June didn’t let being shipped all over the country discourage her; she was always the new kid on the block with a painting in her arm, and that, empowered her with “no fear.”
She would jump in head first into ANYTHING. She would learn from art books, art programs on the tiny black and white TV and whatever there was that was free in the small towns her family landed in. She made herself an “artist / painter" by the shear want of it. She states it many times “I’m like a sponge and I soak it ALL up”.    In high school she would give her time doing art projects for the grade school classes or painting backdrops for the thespian groups [...]

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