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Junco was born in Osaka, Japan, and traveled to the USA to pursue a degree in accounting and later became a CPA. She worked in this field for many years, and then decided to act upon a desire she had since childhood, to paint in watercolor. She attended various watercolor classes in Chicago, and in 2016, she had a breakthrough when she was introduced to a unique paper, YUPO, by Ms. Ingrid E. Albrecht, a renowned watercolor artist.
YUPO is a difficult and challenging slick surface to use in watercolor painting. The polymer paper allows for the paint to dry by evaporation, not by soaking into the surface. It was not long before Junco developed her own unique way of expressing herself on this inspiring paper, by creating unusual textures that can only be accomplished on a very smooth surface such as YUPO.
Landscapes are the focal point of her painting interests. Junco gathers her inspiration from observing everyday life and nature. This allows her to create a blueprint in her mind for future paintings.
 -  Illinois Watercolor Society, The 37th National Exhibition, "I Will  Be Back"
 -  South Carolina Watermedia Society, The 43rd Annual National Exhibition, "Tranquility"
 -  Alex Ferrone Gallery NYC, The Winter Small Works, "Social Distancing"

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