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Julie White has trained for over 10 years as a portrait sculptor under Cantey Kelleher and has painted under
local artists since high school. She received an art scholarship to ArtCenter College of Design and graduated
with a minor in Art History from UCLA. "Portrait sculpting can be exhausting both physically and mentally
therefore it is exhilarating to do something more one dimensional using layers of color and mediums. Because
of my sculpting background I rarely use brushes - rubber tips, wooden picks, metal scratching tools and my
fingers are my favorite tools to work with." Acrylic, oil and encaustic are her mediums of choice for paintings
and she works almost entirely on commission requests. Her paintings are in collections throughout the United
States. "Whether a landscape, adorable pet or wild bird, God's creation is always my best inspiration."

Contact me by email [email protected], mobile 704-302-7495 or Instagram: @juliekwhitefineart [...]

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