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I'm Juliette Westbrook-Finch, Artist and  Author of 3 Poetry Books (available on this website) 
You can Contact me here: https://www.originalartdirect.org/contact
Born in the 60’s, a child of the Universe, from London UK but now living in Cornwall. (A Cockney in Cornwall! lol)
I left school at 16 with O'Levels in Art, English Language and English Literature as well as a few CSE's. I was always creative and I worked as a Window Dresser in a few shops and a Deputy Manager before moving to the Coast where I now live with my Husband and after an accident where I became partially disabled after breaking a hip near the ball and socket joint and having screws put in it which has limited my mobility as I already had scoliosis; a sideways curvature of the spine; and osteoporosis, I decided to try painting again as I hadn't had time before, and when I sold a few paintings I decided to get my own website, so here I am!
I'm loving this FASO Website, it's more user friendly than my previous website (which was with a different provider) and it's so versatile, I've been able to use my creativity and get it just how I'd envisioned it.  It's been a huge learning curve!
I paint intuitively most of the time and all my Paintings have a meaning behind them (I often want to change the world for the better and am interested in the Law of Attraction, Quantum physics and spirituality) which is illustrated in the Poem that is printed out on coloured card to compliment the Artwork. My style is mostly Abstract, Semi-Abstract and Surreal.
I paint with Watercolours, but not usually in the traditional way, I paint bolder and brighter and also have sourced a canvas which has been specifically made for Watercolour painting, so as well as Framed watercolours (with a [...]

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