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My transparent watercolors focus on the romantic realism of the beauty around us. I find as much pleasure in a rusty truck as in an unfolding rose.
Watercolor fascinates me. After analyzing the structure of the subject, I do a careful drawing, often using a magnifying glass to see all the details of my photo because accuracy is important to me and, usually, to my viewer. Men especially want the trucks and tractors to be accurate representations of their memories.
“Is this watercolor?” is a question I often hear from people viewing my work. They are surprised by the vibrant color and the precise detail of the finished paintings, many of which are done on watercolor paper gallery wrapped on stretcher bars and coated with an archival finish so they require no mat and no glass. The working surface is tight, like working on a drum.
I enjoy depicting the texture of weathered barnwood, rusty fenders, and rose petals to an equal degree. The fun is in dropping the color onto a wet surface and watching the colors blend and change by teasing it along with a brush or employing surface tension, tilting the painting so the color flow where I want it to be. Rather than mixing color on the palette, I prefer to let the colors blend on the paper.  I like adding veils of transparent color and prefer to save the white of the paper rather than adding opaque whites.
As I work from light washes to dark accent tones the subject emerges almost like a living thing, the flowers so real you expect a scent, the wood so rough you worry about splinters. These subjects evoke memories in all of us and I enjoy hearing the reaction of the viewers.

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