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Art is therapy in it's greatest form.  It can be challenging, but the end result is rewarding.  My art depicts things that are dear to me, bring me joy and that are humorous


Color and design have been a driving force in my life since my early childhood.  Endless hours were spent drawing and coloring/painting which led to exploring other mediums such as textiles and clay.
After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, I started working in the energy industry in Houston as a temporary means to be self sufficient.  Temporary turned into a 38+ year career.  As my career progressed, time for painting diminished and my creativity had to take different forms.  As the end of my career neared, it became apparent that I would have to reinvent my identity. 
The light came on during a pastel workshop in early 2017 and it was apparent that this was the path to my new identity and doing what I loved. The artist that held the workshop in the Galveston Bay area opened my mind to seeing things with a painter's eye and instilled the tools and confidence that has led me to consider myself as an artist.  After relocating to the Austin area, I was fortunate to find a "guiding light" who introduced me to the Bunkhouse Gang which is comprised of very talented and versatile artists that paint weekly.  Needless to say, painting with such talent has fueled my passion even more, and continues to expose me to different techniques and valuable input from the "Gang".
I love to take photographs and use them as the basis for my paintings. There is always something in sight that serves as an inspiration for a painting. Since relocating from the Bay area to the Austin area, I've had an opportunity to appreciate a different kind of beauty from that of the coast.  As you look at my paintings, you will see what interests me - things that are dear to me, [...]

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