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Julie (Lankford) Olds was born in Miami, OK, in 1962 and grew up on a small farm in southwest Missouri near the town of Seneca. She showed early promise of the ability to capture a likeness in pencil and studied art through high school and college years. She attended Missouri Southern State University, in southwest Missouri, and attributes her knowledge and use of several creative materials and mediums to the instruction and encouragement she received from the late Dr. Darrell Dishman.
Today she lives on a farm in rural Miami, OK with her husband and children.  She is a full-time employee by day, serving the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma as Cultural Resources Officer.  Her home-life is enjoyed as wife and mother, with all of the duties of said.  And when time affords, or can be carved out of her busy schedule, she heads upstairs to her studio space to capture, on paper or canvas, likenesses of Tribal elders of today and yesteryear, faces of community members of all ages engaged in Myaamia living and other subjects relative to her heritage.  Julie has done portrait commission work for over 30 years and setting a likeness on paper or canvas of her subjects is her passion while creating an image that truly pleases a buyer or brings a happy memory to a loved one are the stuff of joy in her work.  She does accept portrait commissions based on the availability of the subject to pose in life or to pose for photos for reference, or can work from quality photos ( if their copyright status allows) as reference.  
New to the use of websites and online sales, she has only recently begun to share images of her work and to sell originals, and some giclee prints, from her online sales site.

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