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From my earliest recollection I was creating, imagining. As a child I spent hours making things from leaves, acorns, twigs, glue, construction paper and more. I was one of those kids who was always drawing or doodling. I simply could not help myself. I received my first set of oil colors at the age of thirteen and thought I was in heaven. I took as many art courses as I could in high school, then went on major in education in college. I was still experimenting with various media. A thirty year teaching career and raising two children did not provide much opportunity for exploring my art. Once the children were grown, I finally began taking  courses and workshops in watercolors and decided that it was in this medium, exclusively, that I wished to work.
I am grateful for all the many techniques and tips I learned studying under Sterling Edwards, Tony Couch, Janet Rogers, Marie Natale and more.  
The outdoors have always been very special to me. As children we played outside most of the time; running, biking, climbing trees, camping. A family outing was generally a ride into the woods on a Sunday or a trip to the Jersey shore, regardless of the time of year. These were the things that helped form my love for nature. As my art experience grew it was my affection for nature that I most often chose to represent.
For me painting a landscape or even a view that represents natural forms brings a sense of peacefulness. As I grow older these tranquil subjects bring me greater joy. When I am at a show and someone comes up to me and says that my work is peaceful, it is the greatest compliment they can give me. 
 My work has shown in many locations in New Jersey and is [...]

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