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"To sit quietly and observe nature has always given me a feeling of tranquility and peace of mind."

Collectors Say:

 From the sketchbook of Julie Janzen. A view of Pikes Peak while in Colorado visiting family. We can find the beauty in Nature through the shapes, color, textures and atmosphere that she provides us.

Kim Fendt Hiller Wonderful! I remember all the horse pics in your room growing up! You always were talented!
 Kathleen Jesske Love your artistic vision. 💜
 Lynn Pulford Wonderful!!!! I love the different shading and shapes!!!
 Judy Rogers I love these kinds of sketches. So nicely done.
 Jodi Fosdal-King Love, Love, Love 


Julie Janzen's love of art began with her love of horses. She was drawing horses before the age of five and began to paint them in oils by the age of 13. She had been given a set of old oil paints from a neighbor who had used them when he was in high school. Along with her horses, she also worked on other animals as well as landscapes.
During the summer after her senior year of high school (1982) and her freshman year of college, Julie took an art class at the Community College with teacher Loren Steele. During this time, she focused on drawing the figure. The source of her figures came from fashion magazines. Loren Steele was a great source of encouragement during a time when she needed it most.
In the fall of 1982, Julie began her art studies at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In 1986, Julie graduated with her BFA. During her studies at the University, Julie was introduced to life drawing. Not only did her love of drawing from a live model grow, but it also helped her to recognize the importance of life drawing to her artwork.
An important turning point in Julie’s work came in 1994 when she discovered Hank Ford’s Life Drawing class on Saturday mornings. Hank helped Julie to the next level at a time of great frustration. She studied with Hank for almost two years.
 During the summer of 1996, Julie taught a horse drawing class thru the Palatine Park District for ages 8-10 and 11-16. She was very excited about teaching those youngsters who had the same passion for horses as she did at that age. Julie said, "The fun part was working from the real subject - something I wish had been offered to me [...]

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