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Having grown up in a military household, my family moved back and forth between San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California, numerous times.  My early years were influenced by the artistic beauty found in both states as well as gaining inspiration from watching my artistic father paint.  Through my brush technique and preference of a bold palette, I strive toward capturing the atmosphere of a particular time of the day or the effects of different weather conditions on the landscape. As I paint, I search for the effects of light in nature and my response, both emotionally and spiritually.   I pay close attention for using shadows and complementary colors with hopes of increasing my painting's vitality.  The freshness and the energy of my brushstrokes reveal my innovative style and the essence of my experience.  I challenge my observers with embracing unusual arrangements with shapes and asymmetrical designs which are prominent features in my selected compositions.  I enjoy the challenges of celebrating and transforming the commonplace:  finding beauty in the sky at sunrise, radiance in a wheat field or joy in a tree, standing alone.
"I am always inspired by watching young artists in my many different types of classrooms share their artwork with one another.  Interaction between artists of all ages, instills a creative boldness.  It inspires the artist, not only to use their imagination but also take risks and develop resilience.  This same passion moves me toward creating:   whether I am working on establishing a variety of  art programs, teaching art to students virtually across the globe or simply painting in my studio....using our talents and gifts that God has given us and sharing it with others, is pure joy!"
Married for 40 years to my high school sweetheart from Winston Churchill, my husband, Robert and I, reside in The Woodlands.  I recently [...]

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