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Julie Davis, AIS, AWA, OPA
Raised in the open spaces of West Texas, I remember a love of nature and a desire to explore the land at a young age. I have vivid memories of feeling awe for the big sky and endless fields, of anticipation when we'd travel through the Caprock Escarpment, and of reverence when witnessing a dust-filtered West Texas sunset. I still enjoy exploring the land, and nature still humbles and awes me. The anticipation and gratitude I feel when composing a painting outdoors and from studying nature's beauty and dynamic character energizes me.
My approach to outdoor painting is primarily one of information gathering. My goal is not necessarily to pack up a completed painting, rather it is to learn what I can about a place through careful consideration and deliberate use of my time and materials. Through observation, sketching, and studies, I can translate my impression of a place into a plein air piece or into the foundation for a studio painting.
The scenes I choose to paint are rarely nature's standouts. The introvert in me gravitates to the quiet of the landscape and the bits of our surroundings that don't receive regular pause. I like for my work to celebrate the forms and figures in nature that are worthy of, but unaccustomed to, our attention. I'm drawn to the individual expressions of trees and the curious lines of long-forgotten structures. Translating and sharing our landscape is where I find my reward as an artist.
"Obviously, then, armed with a paint-box, one cannot be bored, one cannot be left at a loose end, one cannot 'have several days on one's hands,' Good gracious! What there is to admire and how little time there is to see it in!" -Winston Churchill

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Julie Davis was born in Galveston, Texas, and [...]

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