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Nature has always been my true compass in life.  It is an honor and joy for me to interpret what I see and hear into an oil painting.  My journey as an artist includes quick observation and meditation in nature. I find the dance of light and shadow come to me even while trail riding, hiking, or kayaking.  Rather than pushing my own agenda of what I think I should see, I listen to nature and it tells me what I need to see and I try to interpret that information into a painting.
Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, Julie has lived all over the country in her youth.  Her consistent home was spending summers at a family cabin in Northern Minnesota. It was at this location where her love of the outdoors and nature was confirmed.  She earned both a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Administration. She had a successful career in Human Resources with a large food company. Married, and mother to a wonderful daughter.  Julie has had a lifetime passion with horses. She cares for and feeds daily several horses on their farm. "Horses teach me the grace and mobility of being alive in the present. People think I teach the horse but in reality it is the horse who teaches me."
Julie's purpose on earth was clarified with two life altering events in recent years.  She and her husband survived a tragic EF4 Tornado which destroyed their home while in the basement.  The second event was a home destroyed by Hurricane Micheal. Nature's ravage has forced her to prioritize what is important in life.
As being a self-taught painter has allowed her the freedom of expression as an artist.  Learning from a handful of workshops and an artist friend, Marie [...]

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