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I recently made an acquisition of Ms. Lee's Western lifestyle scenic paintings that I believe to be masterful and beautiful! I am proud and extremely pleased to have hang in my home! I look forward to Julie's future creations and vision!!!  -Bill Combes... West Palm Beach, Florida


Julie was born in the heartland of America and grew up in the scenic woods and rolling hills of central Missouri. She was raised in a large family of artists and craftsmen who had a love for nature and the outdoors. The youngest of seven, she grew up in a creative environment, always watching and learning from her artistic older brothers. Her family frequently participated in the rehabilitation of a variety of animals and birds. It was these early hands-on experiences that afforded her a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife and conservation, something that would follow her into adulthood and her career as an artist. Childhood visits to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and the Tetons in Wyoming left lasting impressions that still drive her love for America's wild places. Whether she was fishing, camping and canoeing on the rivers of southern Missouri or exploring the woods surrounding her childhood home, she was a keen observer of the way light interacted with her natural surroundings. 
Julie grew up with a love for drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. She took electives in art and photography in Jr. High and High School, but pursued Paralegal Studies at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO and went on to work for The Financial Relations Board in downtown Chicago, the nationís 5th largest Public Relations Firm at the time. A few years later, while raising her children as a stay at home/homeschool mom, Julie returned to her love of art as a creative outlet by painting murals for her family, friends and local church.
In 2007, Julie began painting professionally  as a scenic artist for a local theatre groups, along with painting murals for local businesses. In 2010, she was asked to teach drawing and color theory classes at Travis Academy of Fine Art in Fort Worth, TX. [...]

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