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I was drawn to still-life painting while in docent training at the Portland Art Museum. A small 17th century painting by Willem Kalf, (20 x 16 in) of a Ming blue and white bowl, curl of lemon peel, and crystal glasses in a dark, shadowy setting.  I visited it many times noticing how the objects were pushed to the front of the picture plane making me wonder how close the artist was to his subject while he painted and also how was it lit? By light from a window? An oil lamp or candle?  I imagined him bringing the elements together from objects on hand. Did he cut the lemon himself and fuss over the curl?  I could imagine the process and realized I was connecting with someone who lived 400 years through the act of painting what he saw. The seed was planted. My love of still life painting has grown to a body of work spanning almost 20 years now.
I have had the good fortune of advance study with some remarkable artists through Gage Academy in Seattle including Juliette Aristides, Costa Vavagakis, and Margaret Davidson.  In Portland Eduardo Fernandez introduced me to the Braque plates and other valuable drawing skills, and David Gray's workshop at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studios was informative and inspiring.  All these instructors share a common interest in classical painting and drawing techniques.   
Over the years, my work has been shown in Southwest Art magazine, many galleries in Portland, OR, on the Pacific Coast, and here in Vancouver, WA area. I am always honored when people purchase and hang my work in their homes. It is quite humbling really.
Note: The objects in the painting above are from the area around The Fort Vancouver National Reserve.

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