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Life can be challenging, but when one gets to lose themselves in the Creative and tune out the negative noise, it's easier to be happy and sleep well at night. For me, the Creative is to close my eyes, call on the energy and angels to guide me, and then put what I'm feeling and seeing onto the canvas' in front of me. I've been doing art probably from the time I could hold a crayon. It helped that I had parents who promoted art and encouraged me to be creative. I had teachers who gave me compliments and reinforced my love of art and writing. I have family who participate in my craft by critique, sharing and enjoying my success. I know I am blessed to have art in my life. I'm always happy to share it in anyway that I can.
I have been a teacher of art, writing and literature, as well as a teacher to those who want to share art in galleries and museums. Teaching people to "see" to create art or talk about art is a pleasure and a privilege. We all like different things, and that is why talking about it is so fun! Taste in every aspect of life is so diverse and it makes up who we are. I hope you'll enjoy my art and perhaps share it with others. If you find that you would be interested in something I have already created, please message me! If you like my style, feel free to inquire about a commissioned piece. 

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