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Julianna O'Hara started oil painting at age 11 and has been exploring her artistic pursuits ever since. She studied art at UCLA, USC, Santa Monica College, and Brentwood Art Center in Santa Monica, California.  

Currently residing near Monterey, California, Julianna is affiliated with various art organizations. She paints almost daily and works primarily from life.  She only paints what she loves.  She has to be moved in some way to put paint to canvas; and luckily, many things move her.  Although she has worked in other mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, gouache and "mixed", she is most passionate about oil painting.  Lately, she is particularly interested in capturing the beauty of  interior still life scenes composed of family heirlooms and flowers from her garden.  She has been known to spend as much as three weeks designing a still life setup.  Her concentration right now is to excel as a fine Intimist artist, and she is enjoying the exploration of interior analogous scenes.  Julianna has paintings in private collections in the US, UK, Asia, Australia and Germany. 
Julianna's paintings are easily recognizable for their vibrancy of color, texture, and expressiveness of brushstrokes.
                                                         Oil Painters Of America                                      Associate Member
                                                         American Impressionist Society                        Associate Member  

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