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For as long as she can remember, Judy has had a passion for art and nature's beauty.  And at a young age, she began channeling that passion through her paint brush.

 High school was an especially formative time, with an art department of excellent teachers who encouraged and challenged Judy, fueling her growing love for painting and art exploration.  A transformative event at that time was a class trip to view a large Renoir exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was on this class trip that Judy's eyes were opened to the gorgeous light and colors that the impressionists captured in their paintings.  Judy was awed and inspired by all 0f the Impressionists' works.  A high- school trip to France that brought her to the home of Impressionism and another culture, broadened her horizons and captivated her further!  Along with Creation, these masters would be the inspiration behind her work.
As happens with many an artist, Judy's artistic pursuits took second place to a "practical" career in business working downtown Chicago, followed by the most important career for her, raising two children with her husband, Jay.  Once their kids transitioned into college, Judy revisited her artistic pursuits, jumping into drawing classes first, moving into pastels, oil painting and then sculpture.  As her artistic vision grew,  Judy found herself inspired by more artists such as Singer-Sargeant, Sorolla and Vermeer among others and many contemporary artists.  The constant threads woven throughout Judy's inspiration are color and light and the effects these elements generate and convey.   
Pastel painting is the primary focus for Judy as she loves the beauty, feel, versatility and immediacy of this medium.  Judy has taken several of Master Pastelist, Sally Strand's "Color of Light" workshops and trips to France in 2013 and 2018 to study with Sally, have been influential and inspirational to [...]

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